The Emperor’s New Climate

Hans Christian Anderson’s fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes has a modern application. You will remember that charlatans convinced the king that their nothings were

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Life in the 50s

To those who grew up in the 1950s, life was uncomplicated and innocent. It’s a time to remember with longing. In the 50s, families were

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Do We Obey a Lawless Law?

What decides legality—the Constitution, or a judge’s ruling? Are we required to obey illegal judicial rulings? When the Constitution was new, there was no doubt;

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Crooks and Cowards

“Congress is full of crooks because the pulpits are full of cowards.” So read a sign in a Montana town on September 3, 2013, as

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The Glory of Old Glory

Few symbols showcase “America” like Old Glory on a breezy day. Freedom and liberty are the message, loud and clear. We learned as schoolchildren that

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