The Legacy of George Washington

President’s Day reminds us that history pivots on great men. Few in America have been greater than George Washington, Father of our Country. His contributions

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HO! HO! HO! to the Clergy

A front page Daily Herald article on Dec 31st bore the headline: “Will LDS bishops have to perform same-sex marriages?” The article quoted Clifford Rosky,

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Law and the Lawless

On Dec 20, our Rule of Law was attacked. U.S District Court Judge Robert Shelby singlehandedly cancelled 225 years of states’ rights to determine the

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The King of Kings

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, He who stands at the axis of Christian worship; whose birth divided time and multiplied

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Time Spent in the Jury Box

Utah recently witnessed the Martin MacNeill murder trial, which concluded with a jury verdict of guilty, and MacNeill now awaits sentencing. Last summer’s Zimmerman/Martin trial

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