The Travesty of Our Broken Immigration System

Marguerite has lived the immigration process and her story spotlights the travesty taking place on our southern border.

Marguerite married Robert, her American sweetheart, in her native Canada. When their son was 5 months old they left Canada for Robert’s new job in Idaho. Leaving behind her five children from a previous marriage, Marguerite and Robert tried to cross into the US at Montana’s Sweetgrass crossing. Robert and the baby were allowed entry, but Marguerite was not; she was not a US citizen. She and her nursing baby returned to Canada while Robert pressed on to Idaho and contacted the regional director of Homeland Security, who granted Marguerite a humanitarian parole. She was allowed to enter the US for 12 months, providing she start the immigration process immediately and agree to not get a job, go to school, or accept any social services. She was told that if, for any reason, she left the US during the application process she would forfeit her previous efforts toward citizenship and start the process over again.

Two frustrating years followed during which Marguerite spent over $2000 in application fees attached to endless forms and documents that were mailed to California, New Hampshire and Missouri. The New Hampshire office insisted on original copies of her personal documents but refused to return them. They wanted her passport, as well. It had expired and she could not apply for a new one without the documents they held. With the intervention of a compassionate immigration officer, her documents were finally returned. Despite a current TB test and robust health, she was required to take two more TB tests before officials would process her paperwork.

Marguerite finally obtained legal status after two years and citizenship 2 ½ years after that. She had gone years without seeing her children in Canada. After the web of wasted time and money and the bureaucracy she had endured, she learned that her initial humanitarian parole could have given her citizenship in 6 months. No one had told her. As she waited she watched illegals working in local businesses n her community; she knew their illegal status through a neighbor who helped some of them apply for legal residence.

One particular incident frames Marguerite’s memory. She and Robert visited their local bank where Marguerite’s bank transaction was refused because she lacked citizenship. A line of individuals they knew were illegal moved unimpeded to process their transactions at another teller’s window. In his frustration, Robert asked why they could bank and his wife could not. He was told they had received special work numbers because they were from the southern border; Marguerite had come from the north.

Despite the inequities and injustice, Marguerite loves the United States and has made the deliberate decision to adopt its laws and customs and show her respect through loyalty. She says she will continue to be an exemplary, upstanding citizen of the United States.

The contrast provided in Marguerite’s story illuminates the madness taking place on our southern borders, where iIlegal entry has become the norm. Border agents express deep frustration at their inability to control the illegal flood crossing our southern border. Once in the country, illegals get jobs, go to school, and receive free medical care and social services. According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, they also fleece billions in child tax credits with the Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers our government issues them. They pass through the border with little resistance, though few willingly go south. Little attempt is made to restrict those who bring in diseases that could become epidemic in the US. Border agents report that criminals, violent gang members and terrorists from countries around the world are crossing our southern border into the country, as well. The flood of illegals is gradually filtering north from the border. It will eventually reach Utah.

Illegals with no vested membership in the nation voted in droves in the last election, mainly for the political party that has condoned their illegal status. Eric Holder, our chief law enforcement officer, sues states such as Texas and Ohio that enforce their laws to check voter IDs, which defies rational explanation. Neither major political party appears capable of any action other than to accelerate this process to buy votes in the next election. The United States is being invaded on our southern border and the federal government is unmoved by the assault. This is insanity. It is rogue federalism: unequal and unfair enforcement with disregard for the rule of law by our nation’s own officials.

Can our republic survive this invasion? Where and when will it stop? When enough of us wake up to what is happening and act; when states unite to demand that the federal government abide by its own laws, and each state’s citizens insist that their states insist. It will end when we mean it—not until. Any delay multiplies the crisis. It’s time. Let’s roll.