The Emperor’s New Climate

Hans Christian Anderson’s fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes has a modern application. You will remember that charlatans convinced the king that their nothings were really fine apparel. As the king paraded the boulevard before his subjects, only one little boy had the temerity to ask, “Mommy, why is the emperor nude?”

Enter climate change, the new name for global-cooling-become-global warming-become-we’re all-going-to-die political agenda that aims to restrict our property use. The problem: it’s all theory. Listen to experts on the deception: former Canadian Minister of the Environment, Christine Stewart, “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony. . . Climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” (Note: that would be her definition of justice and equality—the redistribution of wealth.) Green Peace Co-founder Paul Watson says, ‘”It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”

Nobody can prove that the planet is disintegrating, that man’s use of fossil fuels is the reason, or that taking away your SUV will save it. Proof would require gold standard scientific research of massive proportions done over centuries, and solid results would also be centuries away—an impossibility. Today’s facts and figures are conjecture; guesstimates based on short-term events.

For evidence, turn to the oldest history book in existence: The Bible. Christians and non-Christians alike recognize it as the major, sometimes only, source of information about ancient civilizations. Werner Keller’s 1955 “The Bible as History” correlates Bible data with archaeological evidence to confirm the Bible’s authenticity. Reject the religious doctrine if you insist, but the historical record is sound.

Consider one calamity in the Bible: famines. Just twelve chapters in, famine strikes Abraham’s family, then son Isaac suffers famine, and still later great-grandson Joseph presides over a seven-year famine in Egypt. Famine brought want during the lifetimes of Ruth and Naomi, King David, the prophet Elijah, and Jeremiah, who faced it more than once. Climate chaos that kills the food supply is serious, and the climate conditions that produce it appear natural for the planet.

If modern fossil fuels, corporate greed, and First World selfishness are producing climate change to doom earth, how do we explain the famines, pestilence and floods—remember Noah—that have occurred since the planet accepted population? Nowhere in Genesis does Abraham’s family drive gas-guzzling SUVs into Hebron (though they may have dealt with methane-producing camel flatulence). Bricks made by the Israelites didn’t come from pollution-belching factories, and the writer of Exodus never alludes to the 3,000,000 refugees, who wandered for 40 years in the desert, upsetting the desert’s carbon footprint. Yet ancient peoples all had climate chaos.

Why buy into whimsical climate change? Science loves a good theory, and this is a dilly. Everybody’s doing it; say it often enough and most everyone buys in. There’s big money and government control in the issue.It doesn’t stack up, however, for anyone that reads history or scripture. David M. Barker, in his well-documented Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts reveals that at the root of every Bible-conflicting piece of science lies an unproven, unprovable theory. Assumptions are that earth has always followed the slow, gradual process we observe today. That’s one serious, improbable assumption, yet without it every theory falls apart. Add climate change to the list; it is unproven theory.

We should protect the environment. Order and cleanliness are traits of intelligent, responsible people who don’t dump chemicals in the water, spew them into the air or bury them in the soil. Laws from elected representatives at the state, county and community level—the people on site—are best. Laws should require corporations and citizens to clean up after themselves and should be uniformly and fairly enforced. The environment is not among the 26 constitutional powers granted to the federal government, and is, therefore, not a federal matter. The Environmental Protection Agency is illegitimate; it has proven unfair in its enforcement, and is socialistic by nature. Its regulations demand uniformity when each situation requires a custom fit. Federal enforcement is generally less effective, less efficient, more expensive and mandatory, which prevents communities from doing their own, better quality work. Our goals for cleanliness, however, should not begin with the belief that those in Third World countries starve because Americans own five bedroom homes.

The little boy who asked “Mommy, why is the Emperor nude?” might well ask: “Why do we believe in climate change?” As a final thought, for those searching reasons for climate calamities worldwide, the Bible offers two options. First, nothing: it gives no reason, inferring that these things are natural for the planet. Second, the Bible tells us calamities come because of God’s punishment for wrongdoing. Take your pick.