Life, Liberty, and Property

What is property, and who can, and cannot, control it? Central Utah is grappling with the issues and the misconceptions. When Thomas Jefferson penned the

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Reverse Discrimination

Provo is reveling in political correctness with last week’s announcement that Hal Miller and Sterling Beck, Provo city councilmen, plan an “anti-discrimination” bill for Provo.

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Today is voting day. Today is the day you inherited when Adam and Eve fled the Garden of Eden. They provided a kaleidoscope world of

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Ode to Bulldogs

“The people who do not revere the deeds of their ancestors will never do anything to be remembered by their descendents.” So said British historian

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About the Paper Bag…

There is political mischief afoot in Utah. Termites are attacking the pillars of citizen involvement in state and local politics. There are several ways to

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Whining to the Feds

America is racing toward bankruptcy, with debts beyond any ability to repay. The debt clock stands near 17 trillion, with future combined federal liabilities (social

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The Duel for Dollars

With five weeks until the November elections, renewing the CARE tax is heating things up in Orem. Like most entrenched programs, the wind blows toward

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One against the Bully War

One man in Colorado has changed the national paradigm and the message has carried to Utah valley. Victor Head, a plumbing contractor from Boulder, Colorado,

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