Parallels in Government DVD


Parallels in Government DVD

How did the Founders of the 13 Original Colonies come up with a Government that incorporated all the best ideas from Plato, Cicero and governments from Rome to the Revolution, into a system of peace?

What did Native Americans know about bringing nations of various peoples into a peaceful Union that lasted in relative peace for 400 years?

Join Pam as she explores ancient Israel, the Rule of Law that organized Tribes and Cultures for Centuries, down through the Founding of a Free Nation, into our modern times. You may discover some surprises of your own to inspire a New Legacy for preserving great blessings passed on to our new generations.




What do Ancient Israel, Ancient Native American Indians and the US Constitution have in common?

The Law of Moses, given by God to the Israelites after their Egyptian bondage, is the only civil law known to be revealed directly by God. The United States Constitution employs the Law of Moses as well, as the Founders’ primary textbook was the Bible. This same law, however, also influenced government among Native American tribes. Concepts such as an oath of office, divided power, and many of our rights listed in the Bill of Rights predominated in their government.

The force that destroyed this system of government among Ancient Americans now operates to destroy liberty and God-given rights in the United States. Understanding this disintegrating influence, we can better know how to reverse this in our nation.

Breathtaking parallels in quotes from this ancient record, known as the Book of Mormon, and the United States Constitution are clearly identified in this exclusive production, written from the Latter-day Saint perspective.

Narrated and dramatically illustrated. 60 minutes long. Ships to you in a plastic jewel case.