Humanism: Attack on Freedom – DVD


Humanism: Attack on Freedom – DVD

Humanism’s ‘religion’ of worshiping Self rather than God is sweeping America and the world, undoing 6000 years of human progress. Its rejection of traditional morals and right and wrong, and its denial of both accountability to God and a belief in an afterlife disparage Christianity. Humanism’s subversive effects are felt throughout the culture; it has pervaded the education of our children and merged with science. Through the gateway of Darwinian evolution, it replaces God as the Creator of life despite statements from leading evolutionists that explode their own theories. Humanist philosophies have extended their influence to infect religion in America as well. Its destructive goal of one-world government aims to suffocate liberty and unalienable rights.

This fascinating DVD presentation, narrated with engaging visuals, explores the world of Humanism through compelling and well-documented information. It offers insight for ourselves and our families into Humanism’s destructive tenets.

This exclusive and concise 35-minute presentation compacts information into a highly usable family format. Ships to you in a plastic jewel case.

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