We Do Not Have Too Many Babies

Population numbers the world over are falling. Social scientists who study demographic issues point to the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, which charges onward today, as the culprit. It was the beginning of an era of hedonism—free love and loose morals. In the wake of this revolution, we have falling populations, and economic decline that will not reverse itself until the birth numbers do an about face.

Forty years into population decline, the media and the United Nations wail an opposite message: overpopulation has us in a death grip and we will all starve. Not even close. Rather than a population explosion, we have a western-world population implosion. Thanks to the baby boomer demographic, we will appear to have population growth for a few decades yet, but when that bubble dissipates, our rapidly declining population will be starkly obvious.

To keep population stable, a nation’s Total Fertility Rate (TFR) must be 2.1—each woman, on average, replaces herself and a man with two children, and one woman in ten has a third child to compensate for infant deaths and higher male births. Without a TFR of 2.1 a nation’s population declines, and with it, as a silent partner, its economy declines, as well. The US Centers for Disease Control reports in its 2010 National Vital Statistics Report that our Caucasian American TFR is currently 1.65, meaning that each Caucasian generation is only ¾ the size of the previous one. At this rate, in 5 or 6 generations we are almost gone. This is serious. Babies must consistently be born to continue our race.

America is not alone. According to, the world’s population growth rate is now half what it was forty years ago. Italy has a birthrate of 1.4, where one woman in five of childbearing age is childless. Walk the streets of Italy, which once sported large families, and you rarely see children. Ukraine has a TFR of 1.29 and Greece is 1.39. Japan, however, is the poster child. According to the Population Research Institute of Virginia, Japan is acting out the final stages of the Sexual Revolution—socially acceptable pornography and sex outside marriage with readily available contraception. This has produced a nation-wide “Why marry, why have children?” philosophy. In what is termed the Celibacy Syndrome, 1 in 3 young Japanese do not marry. According to one population expert, “Japan is quietly and comfortably dying”.

Falling birthrates always create a falling economy, for obvious reasons: fewer people to produce and consume. Writing about Europe, Joel Kotkin states in Forbes magazine, May 30, 2012: “Europe’s economic disaster is …largely caused by…a demographic decline”. USA Today, Feb. 13, 2013, says, “There are no cases of peace and prosperity in the face of declining populations.” The Wall Street Journal, in its article titled America’s Baby Bust, Feb. 12, 2012 agrees: human well-being—innovation, investments, conservation—all drop when the population drops. So does a nation’s political power. The WSJ article concludes: “…the only thing that will preserve America’s place in the world is if… Americans…decide to have more babies…we simply must figure out a way to have more babies.”

Yet we’ve been told there’s a population explosion. Not so, says the Wall Street Journal: “For two generations we’ve been lectured about…overpopulation…this issue is wrong…the phenomenon of fertility collapse…has spread around the globe”. The article continues, “our fertility rate isn’t going up anytime soon. In fact, it’s probably heading lower. Much lower.” The Central Intelligence Agency website, World Factbook, agrees, “Global fertility rates…are projected to decline dramatically over the next 50 years.” If so, our economic woes will continue, as well.

We have humanists to blame for this decline. They want to drop world population from 7 trillion to 1 trillion or less, according to many sources, including This movement is coming under the bogus bully-banner of sustainable development (Agenda 21, renamed).. To accomplish humanists’ goal, a many-pronged campaign has been aimed at Americans who are undereducated on this issue. Utah is currently being targeted through advertising by to advance the beliefs of the “me generation” that time with them—the parents—is so valuable that children should forfeit siblings to get it. Utah’s family-friendly state has the highest TFR in the Union—we have more children than any other state. (Rhode Island has the lowest at 1.63) Yet our birthrates have tumbled—from 4.3 in the 1960s to 2.6. (Salt Lake Tribune. July 24, 2005)

Why? As the family has fallen apart, birthrates have dropped. Divorce, deliberate childlessness, single parenthood and same-sex unions all pummel the birthrate. Christian devotion, which teaches that children are a blessing in a home, is on the wane. All these factors have added to the decline. In a vicious cycle, falling birthrates bring economic stagnation which brings falling birthrates to parents who say they can’t afford children.

Those soft, kissable cheeks, gurgling baby sounds and pudgy little legs have a purpose beyond tying grandma’s heart in bows. They are about restoring a nation’s greatness and stabilizing its economy. Our wellbeing depends on the birth of children, and we do not have too many of them. As a nation, we must reset our social intelligence to focus on encouraging and protecting families that bring children into the world. Anything less puts us in a barren future world of few people and fewer dollars to go around. Babies are the world’s salvation to love, continuity, and economic stability.

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