Hot Topics, Temper Tantrums, and a Chief Engineer

There is anger in Utah’s air, coupled with deep frustration and a demand for change. 765 people vented their aggravation to Senator Mike Lee at his Town Hall meeting last Wednesday night at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. Their message: get the federal government out of our lives and return us to our constitutional base—smaller government kept close to the people.

The topics varied, the sentiment did not. The citizens, largely from Utah County, turned out in such numbers that the meeting had to relocate to a larger building, and it was still standing room only. Mike Lee was on display; showcased before the locals he represents. In the post event analysis, the keynote message was, “Senator Lee, help us; please fix it!”

A major complaint was frustration with the “government, gimme!” mindset that’s glutting America. Like parents who consistently let their children pick candy at the checkout lane, government that gives its citizens “candy” finds it cannot change its mind a few years later and withdraw the perks. Children aren’t the only ones who throw temper tantrums when the goodies go away. Giveaways are forever, unwise though they may be. The moral: don’t start the giveaways. It will spare you a tantrum in the checkout lane.

Another major complaint was Obamacare. A great many of us despise this program, including yours truly. First it was crammed down our throats and rammed into law by the nation’s current ruling political party. This affront has been compounded. The president who force-fed us this behemoth boondoggle has now summarily decided to not enforce it. Helloooo! That’s not your right, Mr. President, to ignore the law! What a travesty—we hate the law, and we hate the constitutional sacrilege of refusing to enforce the law. Talk about a lose-lose situation!

The Constitution also took center stage in Spanish Fork Wednesday night. In short, we love it and we want elected officials who uphold it. (More precisely, we first want elected officials who read it and know what it is.)

This brings up the hottest topic of the evening: Why do our representatives, state and national, not uphold the Constitution? Why does one political party smash our national charter and the other either whine helplessly, serve refreshments to the wrecking crew, or impale itself on the false hope of winning votes through imitation? Does the Republican Party honestly think it will sway voters to its side by playing follow the leader to the Democrat’s Pied Piper? Hasn’t somebody told them people don’t follow a follower? We need two parties that lead, each offering something different so we have a choice. Let the Democrats be liberals—they do it so well—but please, Republicans, be conservatives! We didn’t elect you to compromise on immigration, capitulate on health care, and dance around the bonfire as the Constitution burns. We don’t want you to further federalize education, ignore federal theft of state lands, or fuel the coming economic train wreck with more spending. We have Democrats to do all that. Where are you when we need you, Republicans?

We hope we have a champion in Mike Lee. So far it appears that we do, and most of the 765 people in attendance in Spanish Fork Wednesday night were believers. This conservative state most surely needs a conservative senator. As the Color Guard wound its way through crowded, scraggly aisles to present the colors, and the Pledge of Allegiance was rendered through occasionally misty eyes, the plea for help was almost palpable. The status quo is a bust, and shades of disgust, dismay and discontent are rife among conservatives. Hopefully, help is comin’ round the mountain pretty soon, with Senator Lee as the chief engineer.