Celebrating the Constitution’s Birthday

The United States Constitution, born 227 years ago, is one of the most profound documents ever written. It was centuries in the making and created government that let individuals act in their own best interest. Fifty-five men in Philadelphia presided over its birth and presented it to a watchful world on September 17, 1787. The […]

Christianity vs Humanism

Easter brings Christianity, the heartbeat of American liberty, to center stage. Our Founders were almost unanimous in their Christian beliefs. America’s Constitution is centered on the civil laws—the statutes—of ancient Israel’s Law of Moses, found in the Old Testament. Common principles flow through ancient Israel and America: the right to own private property, the private […]

Anti-discrimination Legislation Wants to Fool Mother Nature

by Pamela Romney Openshaw, Get It Right, Weekly Tuesday Column, Daily Herald Anti-discrimination legislation is knocking at Utah’s doors. This legislation would allow members of the opposite sex into public facilities where privacy matters—boys in girls’ bathrooms, girls in boys’ locker room showers and vs. versa. You won’t like that.. Though they are not new, […]

Do We Need Government to Manage Our Lifestyles?

Sustainable development, or government’s management of where we live and how we travel, is moving full steam ahead in Utah and Utah County. The United Nations, the progressive left and the unsuspecting are pushing this lifestyle management. Locally it is Envision Utah, touted as a means to preserve our beautiful state. It sounds good, but […]

Utopia Is a Bust

It’s the American dream to own property, which to most of us means land and a house. If this defines property, however, only some own it. Instead, property is everything that’s yours, from a pencil to a factory, and everything you are—your attitudes, intellect, even your life. The Declaration of Independence declares our “Life, Liberty […]

We Are Fighting the “Big Boys” for Our Land

What do you do when the “big boys” won’t give you your “stuff”? Do you cave, or fight? That’s the issue with Utah’s lands and House Bill 148, the “Transfer of Public Lands Act”. The feds have our property and we want it. In 2012, the Utah legislature served notice that on January 1, 2015, […]

America is Home to Miracles and Sacrifice

We love the things we sacrifice for, and many Americans have sacrificed their all for their country. Our great battles tell the stories. Why have our soldiers had the courage and unselfishness to give themselves for America’s cause? Like individual bricks in a protective wall, each of their lives has blessed future generations. Miracles and […]

It’s Our Job to Discipline Elected Officials

Discipline is often unpopular. Children avoid it, teens dislike it and parents are determined to give it to their offspring. As citizens, we need to discipline errant leaders. We must insist on discipline from those who serve in office; otherwise there will be none. Parents occasionally learn what happens when they let kids ignore the […]

Christian Principles Glue Society Together

It’s Christmas, when believers in our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, celebrate His divine birth and life. We have had His teachings since He taught them to our first parents in the Garden of Eden. Throughout history, societies that have honored Christian principles have prospered and those who have renounced them have fallen. The strength of a […]

Biggest Brother Wants Your Children

Of all the dark clouds forming on America’s horizon, few are more worrisome than the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This treaty, if passed by our Senate, would be used to replace constitutional protections to families and impair your right to govern your children. The family is the basic unit of […]

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