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Our nation is in real trouble. The problem is that we do not understand its foundation, its history, or the blessings it promises. Pamela Openshaw provides this education.

If every family in the nation would read and internalize this book, the blessings of the Constitution would be restored and we would be saved as a nation!

Tim Ballard

Founder & CEO | Operation Underground Railroad

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Promises of the Constitution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Promises of the Constitution is an outstanding book. It is well presented, easy to read and full of stories that clearly demonstrate why this document is important to us as individuals and families. I can declare without hesitation that every woman in America should own a copy of this book, read it, refer to it often, and share it with her children.

Kimberly Fletcher

President | Moms for America

Pam’s book is easy and fun to read, full of important and intriguing material. I want each member of our family to have a copy. My husband and I read a vignette each night in bed.

Marilyn Starr Harris

Author | Unlocking Your Beauty Code

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One reason your book is so powerful is its brevity. This brings into sharp focus what is important.

Val Arbon

Constitutional Government Educator & Writer

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I can’t put Pam’s book down! It’s different. It captures the beginning student, and people like me who know our history. I pause at the end of each section in awe of what our Founders gave us.

Kathy Smith

Founder/President | Loving Liberty Network

My husband and I each bought a book, and I’m reading mine the second time. My sisters and I are so excited about it and we are buying a case of books to give for Christmas presents!

Madeline Brown

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Promises of the Constitution makes it easy to understand our national greatness and teach it to our families and students.

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