Promises of the Constitution: Constitution Curriculum

Promises of the Constitution: Constitution Curriculum

Promises of the Constitution Complete Constitution Curriculum – For Home Schools, Family Study, Private Schools and in-depth Individual Study

This 3-book set, revised in 2023, teaches the power and brilliance of our Constitution as students read, write, and discuss.

Three Book Series: (Revised 2023 Edition)

  • Promises of the Constitution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Textbook)
  • Lessons of the Constitution: Student Workbook (Workbook)
  • Lessons of the Constitution: Parent /Teacher Resource (Answer Guide)

Workbook: Contains a Bible scripture on each workbook page to illuminate our Christian foundation and enhance historical or constitutional topics being discussed. The book includes 14 engaging teaching/learning activities. Each student needs a workbook.

Parent/Teacher Resource: Contains answers to the questions posed in the workbook. It also includes compare-and-contrast and opinion-seeking questions to expand the learning experience, ideas for making connections, tips to further the discussion, and supplementary activities. Reference books are listed for further study or extra credit, if desired.

Independent study for students who read comfortably; guided study for all ages.

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TextbookPromises of the Constitution brings the Constitution to life! Told in 132 short, fascinating five minute vignettes, you learn the entire Constitution, its history, destructive changes and its promising future. The absorbing 1½ page vignettes make American liberty and the Constitution simple and easy to understand. Exciting stories and intriguing details enrich this beautiful, easy-to-use keepsake volume. America’s dramatic story and genius come to life, 5 minutes at a time!

WorkbookLessons of the Constitution: Student Workbook asks three questions about each short, 1½ page vignette in Promises of the Constitution. Students read each vignette in the textbook, then turn to the corresponding numbered page in the workbook to answer questions in the spaces provided. A Bible scripture appears with each workbook page so students grasp the strong Christian basis of the Constitution and its Framers. Some workbook pages also include suggestions for very young children.

Parent/Teacher ResourceLessons of the Constitution: Parent/Teacher Resource provides answers to the three questions on each workbook page and the section activities. Students can check their own work using the supplement, or the parent/teacher can check for accuracy. The Resource volume also includes additional discussion questions, projects, DVDs, and fiction and non-fiction books to further enrich each topic.

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+ FREE DVD — Plus You’ll Receive All 5 of These DVDs

1. America’s Founders: Mentors for Children – Stories transfer our values and culture to succeeding generations. America’s stories bring to life the founding of a new government in a new world. Men, women and children, known and unknown, showcase the virtues of integrity, courage, perseverance and leadership. Bible scriptures clarify the virtues and three questions follow each story to apply lessons learned to the viewer.

2. What Changed America? – America’s powerful culture, envy of the western world, is based on a government dedicated to liberty and self-rule among equals who live Christian principles. Over time, America’s greatness has declined, influenced by movements ancient and modern. These changes and the forces that produced them are identified in 6 areas: Education, Liberty, Justice, Prosperity, Peace and the Constitution, itself.

3. Humanism: Attack On Freedom – Humanism—the “religion” where man worships himself, rather than God—is sweeping America and the world. This belief system, with its changeable morals, rejection of traditional right and wrong, denial of accountability to God and dismissal of an afterlife stands in direct contrast to Christianity. The effects of humanism on education, science, government and culture are outlined, as is humanism’s goal of one world government. Evolution, the Godless theory of life’s beginning, is examined, including statements from leading evolutionists that explode their own theories.

4. Which Way America? – Key concepts that underlie the US Constitution are identified: the importance of unchanging law, division of power and checks and balances; economic basics and our current economic instability resulting from abandoning the gold and silver standard; the importance of the original electoral college and its steadying influence on American elections, and more.

5. A More Perfect Union – Full-length professional movie re-enacting the Constitution Convention of 1787, done for the US Bicentennial in 1987. The ineptitude of government under the Articles of Confederation formed the backdrop for the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The conflicting forces that threatened to unravel, but ultimately gave richness to, America’s grand creation of liberty are powerfully portrayed. Historically accurate settings, character portrayals and content offer an exciting and satisfying step back into America’s rich national heritage to validate our Constitution


This quality series is durable and remarkably easy to use. The textbook, with its laminated, gate-flap cover and stitched binding, lays flat with use. The quality wire spiral bindings on the Workbook and Parent/Teacher Resource are sturdy and long-lasting.

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Promises of the Constitution makes it easy to understand our national greatness and teach it to our families and students.

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