The Great Conflict: Conservative vs Progressive

The Great Conflict: Conservative vs Progressive

A stunning new book, The Great Conflict: Conservative vs Progressive, outlines the two opposing philosophies contending in America’s government and culture. These philosophies, the ideas behind them, and the individuals who carried them forward are vividly contrasted in this contemporary work.

Our conservative constitutional system respects history and honors individual rights and choices, such as the right to worship. This system is being changed to its core by a philosophy that diminishes the past, touts flexible morals, advocates group-think over individuality and attempts to erase God.

Conservative and progressive influences are explored in a wide variety of topics, such as the media, welfare, population numbers, the voting process, freedom of speech and our government. Suggestions are offered to create change.

The author’s popular, condensed writing style—short, 1 ½ page informational ‘vignettes’—offers complete and compelling information on a broad spectrum of topics. This quality book, with its resilient, gate-flap cover, is a pleasure to read.

Through this book, open your eyes to the fundamental cause of America’s decline.

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