Culture Reroute: 9.0 on the Richter Scale

One of the current culture deceptions is the belief that legalizing gay marriage will not affect traditional families. Facts and common sense say the effects will be huge. It’s not about “equality”; this is a fundamental social reroute.

The question of “How much change and what kind?” revolves around this: Will legal and social acceptance of same sex marriage increase the practice? The evidence from past social changes—no-fault divorce and abortion, says yes.

Within 15 years of no-fault divorce laws, marriage breakups went from 20% to 50%. The rate of couples living together without marriage rose by 1400%; sociologists say marriage no longer mattered. The Guttmacher Institutie now estimates one woman in three will have an abortion in her lifetime. A recent Associated Press article on related transgender issues says “the trend is likely to accelerate “. Gay-rights activists are on most college campuses with the message: “Just try it.” The Gay Pride Leadership Academy holds summer camps, and groups like the American Association of College Professors encourage gay activism. These facts all suggest that homosexuality will surge.

What are the potential results for society and traditional families?

We can expect major cultural change. Advertising, movies, music and TV will increasingly bring homosexuality before the public eye, and public schools will encourage its acceptance; they are doing so, now. Same sex couples divorce more often; only 15% of homosexual couples are together after 12 years, says the 2004 Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census. Higher divorce rates will add to cultural breakdown and leave more children afloat, so government welfare, with its bureaucracy and added costs, would be expected to expand to provide care.

The worrisome drop in population numbers would increase, with more marriages that biologically cannot reproduce. Demographic and economic growth always parallel each other, so the economy would continue to decline, as stated in USA Today, Feb. 13, 2013: “There are no cases of peace and prosperity in the face of declining populations.” This makes sense; fewer people to produce and consume. The eventual cost to the nation would be dramatic over time.

Safety could become a concern. Every child in a same sex home is raised by a step-parent, and child abuse is far greater from a step-parent. Daly and Wilson of McMaster University call this “discriminative parental solicitude”—people naturally give the best care to children they create to protect their “parental investment”. Under this “Cinderella effect”, small children are 100 times more likely to die from abuse by a step parent than a biological parent. In addition, 31% of lesbians are physically abused by partners (Journal of Interpersonal Violence), and domestic abuse among gays is double that of heterosexual couples (Island and Letellier). We should brace for increased domestic violence.

Experts on all sides say that if the protective walls around traditional child-bearing families are breached, other alternative sexual practices are inevitable. This has begun; Newsweek reports 500,000 American households now living in polyamory—group marriage of three or more people. Polygamy is considered inevitable. United Nations agendas, which steer U.S. agendas, now advocate sanitized pedophilia: the legalization of prostitution, including child prostitution (Bali Youth Declaration), sexual rights for children, and the teaching of questionable sexuality to children without parental knowledge or consent (UN Committee, Rights of the Child).

Through government’s forced acceptance of homosexuality, Christian religions, which define biblical right and wrong, will be silenced. The Constitution’s protection of religious freedom will be hobbled with this precedent-setting religious control. “The free exercise of religion obviously involves both the right to choose religious beliefs and affiliations and the right to ‘exercise’ or practice those beliefs.” (Dallin Oaks, former Utah State Supreme Court justice) Moral objections to homosexuality are being classified as hate speech worthy of prosecution. In the aftermath, Christian morality could all but disappear, except as found in the hearts of believers.

The media and those who push the gay agenda are not reporting these facts, and many other negative side effects of gay marriage. This is an earthquake—9.0 on the social Richter scale. Few things of this magnitude have struck our society. Our first obligation is to protect our children and our culture. Let all live and love as they choose, but don’t legalize gay marriage.

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